AutoCAD™ and ACAM™

AutoCAD, by Autodesk™, is computer-aided design and drafting software used by millions of professionals worldwide in a broad range of industries. AutoCAD’s DWG file format has become a standard for design work, and files are often exchanged between architects, designers, engineers, and manufacturers.

Make AutoCAD more effective.

CADCode’s ACAM (AutoCAD Automation Module), takes advantage of the power of this CAD standard to enhance production and automate your catalog and custom manufacturing. All types of design, labeling and machining information can be defined in AutoCAD and transferred directly to CADCode for processing. ACAM integrates with CADCode’s collection of modular components for seamless nested-based and single part (work cell) manufacturing.

Quick drawing changes and batch processing.

ACAM eliminates the time-consuming task of defining and exporting individual DXF files. All parts for a product or an entire project can be contained in a single drawing (DWG) and then exported as a batch for manufacturing. ACAM’s two-way interface provides on-the-fly editing in AutoCAD of machining on parts from any importable data source — this means you don’t have to backtrack to the source for temporary or last-minute changes or additions.

AutoCAD and ACAM

Simple and powerful layers.

Convert existing drawings or create new ones quickly and easily with standard AutoCAD commands and ACAM’s simple yet powerful layering conventions that include part and machining geometry as well as material, quantity, part description, filename, run field and graining and other attributes.

Fast-track your tooling.

Enhance your productivity by using ACAM’s ToolPath Manager. The ToolPath Manager stores user-defined lead-ins, lead-outs and other tooling information for interactive attachment to part geometry, individually or as grouped sets for specific purposes. For example, you can create a set of predefined toolpaths for conference tables, solid-surface countertops, moldings, or stile-and-rail doors for easy “pick and click" insertion.

  • Integrates with all CADCode components for seamless programming of saws, routers and point-to-points
  • Automate DWG files for processing all manufacturing data
  • ToolPath Manager for interactive part programming and “pick and click” toolpath assignment
  • Process all parts for a product or entire project from a single drawing – no need to collect and process individual DXF files

Want to use 32-bit DLLs with AutoCAD on a 64-bit system? We recommend the Longbow Converter to install 32-bit AutoCAD on 64-bit systems.


ACAM — AutoCAD Automation Module