Software solutions for automated manufacturing

Wood product manufacturers have been coming to CADCode Systems for flexible and powerful yet simple and straight-forward automation solutions since 1995. From order entry to manufacturing, we enable you to make work of the highest quality while improving your bottom-line.

Choose the best components that work for you

Our modular solutions and open systems approach give you the freedom to select the design and engineering platforms, the manufacturing methods, and the CNC machinery that best suit your needs, whether you’re a small custom shop or a multi-facility manufacturer.

You don't have to draw it to make it

CADCode’s data import flexibility allows you to link to spreadsheets, databases, ERP systems, and other sources for the product information needed to manufacture everything from cabinets and closet systems to windows and wall panels. We can even turn tables of data into editable drawings if you need a visual reference.

Software you can depend on

Our focus is on simplifying CNC automation. We create solutions that respond to the diverse and changing needs of our customers who depend on our software to work all day, every day. We believe that every solution should deliver its functionality as promised – today – and we stand behind our solutions with a money-back guarantee.

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Our software solutions make it easy to use computer-driven technology to increase your productivity, product quality, and profits.  With CADCode Systems, you can: