About Us

CADCode was developed with a deep understanding of what is necessary to make top-quality products profitably and being able to rely on the tools – the software – to work consistently and reliably.

CADCode Systems came into being in 1993 when a custom architectural millwork and cabinet shop needed to take advantage of CNC technology but discovered the software was oriented toward mass-production product shops. The old method of writing programs one at a time, part by part, wasn’t cost-effective for a custom shop where each job could be different from the last.

The CADCode program was created in response to the need to batch process part information from custom cabinet design data into ready-to-run machining programs quickly, automatically, and accurately. Rather than create libraries of programs that need to be stored, indexed, and adapted as needed, CADCode allows the user to very quickly generate programs from the design/part data, run the programs without prior review and testing, and dispose of the programs because it’s far more efficient to make new ones as needed.

Although CADCode is all about making products, it’s just as much about information management and eliminating duplicate handling of information and human errors that creep into the process.  Part labels facilitate program loading through barcodes, keep track of the parts in a job, and give production personnel the information they need to successfully make parts without having to refer back to work orders or the front office.

CADCode has been at the leading edge of CNC and information control in the wood product manufacturing industry. We’ve also responded to user input to add the features and controls the users have wanted and needed. CADCode Systems is proud of the fact that users constantly tell us that the “software just works.”