Optimizing and Machining

Optimization – it’s more than material usage

Optimization is usually thought of as cutting the most parts you can out of the smallest amount of material. While this is crucial for keeping material costs down, it’s only half of the picture.

The other half is how long it takes to cut that material. How much time does it take for the machine to make the required cuts – and for the machine operator to run it? These are cost-related resources that also have to be maximized.

CADCode’s optimization algorithms for saws and nested routers give you both – maximum material yield and maximum utilization of your machine and machine operator resources.  CADCode also factors in other needs: graining, safe machining of small parts, materials inventory and scrap utilization.

Machining – get the most from your resources

Machining also needs to be optimized for maximum efficiency. Program loading, machine set-up, head-travel time, the number of tool drops, securing parts on the machine bed – all of these are considered when CADCode processes parts and generates ready-to-run CNC programs.

CADCode supports multiple approaches to machining by letting you choose the brands and types of machines you want or have on your production floor – saws (both manual and automatic), point-to-points, routers, horizontal borers, dowel inserters, and hinging machinery. CADCode keeps it simple by letting you group your processes in one central location and generating the required code for all of the machinery with one click.











Highlighting Panel Processing Methods

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Work Cell Machining

Nested-based Machining

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