Optimizing and Cutting Parts – Panel Saws

CADCode Systems’ OptiSaw™ saw optimization works for both CNC and manual saws. OptiSaw offer shops the means for getting the most out of their materials and their machines. You can choose higher material yield or optimize for fewer saw cycles, or select a mode that balances the two parameters.

Geared for fully automated CNC saws.

OptiSaw provides users of automated saws highly efficient and flexible saw optimization – whether you’re cutting a single panel or a stack of panels. With the addition of a CNC saw control, OptiSaw will automatically generate ready-to-run saw programs for most CNC beam saws.

Works just as well with manual panel and table saws.

OptiSaw offers users of non-automated saws the same highly efficient and flexible saw optimization we provide for automatic saws, with paper cutlists as output.

Easy, flexible data import.

OptiSaw works with your front-end software, easily importing data from your CAD, cabinet, closet, kitchen or other design software as well as from spreadsheets and databases.

Stay in control of the optimizer’s results.

For special situations where you need to adjust the optimization results, the OptiSaw Panel Editor allows you to view the cutting patterns and to the move parts around, and will automatically generate a new cutlist and fresh code for cutting those parts on your CNC saw.

Do more at the click of a button.

For maximum automation, combine our saw optimization with parts labeling and CNC machine code generation. We’ll show you how you can generate paperless cutlists, print parts labels, and create read-to-run machining programs – even combine cell-based and nested-based processes – at the same time you optimize for your saw, all with one-button simplicity.